Voice on Spotify®

Spotify can be controlled with your voice. By activating voice controls, you enable a variety of features, like finding songs and playlists using your voice and even interacting with some advertisements. Your privacy and security comes first. Learn more below about how Spotify collects and processes your voice data.

What voice data does Spotify collect?

When you use voice features, your voice input and other information will be sent to Spotify. This includes audio recordings and transcripts of what you say, and other related information such as the content that was returned to you by Spotify.

What does Spotify do with the voice data it collects?

Spotify uses this data to recognise what you say, to understand you better and to help us provide a response or take an action. Spotify may also use and share this data in other ways, which are described in our Privacy Policy. For example, using your data to improve voice functionality on Spotify, to develop new voice features, and to help us provide you with advertising that is more relevant to you. It also includes sharing information, from time to time, with our service providers, such as cloud storage providers, to help provide voice functionality for Spotify.

Is Spotify recording all of my conversations?

No. Spotify will begin receiving your voice input data when you press the action button or say the wake word or (for voice ads) when you hear an audible tone, and continue until Spotify has processed your question or request.

The device will always indicate to you when Spotify is receiving your voice input, for example with a visual indicator or an audible tone.

When listening for the wake-word, Spotify listens in short snippets of a few seconds which are deleted if the wake-word is not detected.

How do voice ads work?

You can interact with some of the advertisements on Spotify using your voice. During a voice-enabled ad, you will hear a voice prompt followed by an audible tone. For example, a voice-enabled ad for a new album might ask you to say “Play now” to hear that album. You can read more about voice ads and turn them on or off at any time in your Spotify settings.

For further information on Spotify’s privacy practices and on your rights and choices, please read our Privacy Policy.

How do I turn off voice controls and voice ads?

You can turn off Spotify’s access to your microphone on your device at any time using the operating system settings on the device or by muting the microphone on your device. You can also turn off voice ads at any time in your Spotify settings.

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