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Digital Services Act Points of Contact

The Digital Services Act (“DSA”) regulates digital services that connect consumers with online content in the European Union (EU). A goal of the DSA is to create a safe environment online while ensuring fundamental rights are protected.

Spotify operates a number of services that fall within scope of the Digital Services Act. The information listed on this page is intended to help Spotify users, creators, and authorities within the EU communicate with Spotify, as stated in the DSA.

User Resources

Support and Customer Service

For information concerning Spotify's websites, applications and services, you can visit our Help site.

Users can also contact Spotify's Customer Support team for help with general inquiries.

Report Content on Spotify

At Spotify, we want to give users the best possible experience, and our long-standing Platform Rules help us do that by outlining what is and isn't allowed on our services. If you believe content violates Spotify's Platform Rules, you can report it.

Spotify users must also comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and respect the intellectual property rights of third parties (read about our approach to intellectual property). To notify Spotify of content that infringes your intellectual property rights or otherwise violates the law, fill out this form.

For more information, please visit our Safety Center.

Support for EU Authorities

Relevant national judicial or administrative authorities can contact us directly for the purposes of the DSA:

  • For orders to act against illegal content or for other communication from regulatory authorities, please (email us).
  • To request information about one or more specific individual recipients of Spotify's services, please (contact us).

Communications to the above email addresses can be in English or Swedish. Note that we will not respond to requests sent to these addresses by anyone other than the European Member States' authorities, the European Commission, and the European Board for Digital Services.

Information on monthly active recipients in the EU

To review information about Spotify's average monthly active recipients of its service under the DSA, please visit