Safety & Privacy Center

Reporting content on Spotify


At Spotify we work hard to elevate creative expression and want our community to safely present their authentic selves, but that does not mean that anything goes.

Our long-standing Platform Rules outline what is and isn't allowed on Spotify. We prioritize the review of content that impacts minors, presents a greater risk of offline harm, or may be illegal.

What type of actions are taken against illegal content or content that violates the Platform Rules?

When we find content that violates our Platform Rules or is illegal under local law, we may take a range of actions. These actions may include removing content, restricting distribution, applying content advisory labels and/or demonetisation.

How can someone report content on Spotify?

If you feel that a piece of content may violate our Platform Rules, please report it through our secure reporting form.

To report content that you believe infringes your intellectual property rights or otherwise violates the law, please contact us. More information on Spotify's policy to address intellectual property infringement can be found in our Copyright Policy.

Who can report content?

Anyone with an email address can report content on Spotify, even if they do not have a Spotify account. Please note that abuse of our reporting process may restrict your ability to submit requests in the future.

Can content decisions be appealed?

If you are based in the European Union and you believe an incorrect action has been applied to your content or in response to your report, please check the notification received for next steps.

For all other countries, we will continue to expand our appeals capabilities and options, which vary by location.