Hello, researcher!

We're big believers in protecting your privacy and security. As a company, we not only have a vested interest, but also a deep desire to see the Internet remain as safe as possible for us all.

So, needless to say, we take security issues very seriously.

Your Spotify account

For password and login problems, if you think your account has been “stolen”, or other issues with your Spotify account, please visit our support site.

Spotting major security issues

If you have discovered a vulnerability in Spotify or another serious security issue, please submit it to our bounty program hosted by HackerOne.

Credit where it's due

We'd like to publicly thank the following people for their help in reporting security issues to us. We're very grateful for their assistance.

Callum Carney
João Lucas Melo Brasio
Ava Vita Ciccarelli
Duncan Alderson
Matt Austin
Adrian Birsan
Sergiu Dragos Bogdan
Simon Bräuer
J Muhammed Gazzaly
Ali Hasan Ghauri
Brendan Jamieson
Jaanus Kääp
Abhinav Karnawat
Mathias Karlsson
Jaime Manteiga
Christian Lopez Martin
Andrei Miu
Vinayendra Nataraja
Andrei Neculaesei
Renato Rodrigues
Frans Rosén
Kamil Sevi
Muhammad Talha Khan
Veli-Pekka Vainio
Mohankumar Vengatachalam
Yasir Altaf Zargar
Robert Kugler
Karim Rahal
Alonso Vidales
Evan Ricafort
Zeyad Khaled Mohamed
Sherwin R. D'Souza
Constantin Marius
Kenny Hietbrink