With Spotify Kids, your child can:

Enjoy kid-friendly content handpicked just for them.

Listen to music, audiobooks, and more.

Soundtrack their day, from playtime to bedtime.

Designed for the next generation of listeners

Spotify Kids is an easy and fun way for children to discover music in different genres.

Start them off on the right track

With Spotify Kids, it's easy to decide what your child hears. You can switch anytime between tracks and playlists chosen for younger kids or for older kids.

Kid-friendly content that takes them from playtime to bedtime.

All content in Spotify Kids has been handpicked by our editors to be family friendly and fun for kids to explore.

  • Movie Hits

    Fun songs from top soundtracks

  • Bedtime Tunes

    Music for relaxing at the end of the day

  • Party Jams

    Energy-boosters that inspire spontaneous dancing

  • Stories

    Audiobooks that keep young minds engaged

How to get started on Spotify Kids

  • Subscribe to Premium Family.*

  • Download the Spotify Kids app to your child’s device.

  • Set up a Kids account, and your child can start listening.

Download Spotify Kids:

* People you invite must be family members living at the same address.

Exclusive to Premium Family

Join Spotify Premium Family to get access to Spotify Kids (you also get Premium accounts for the grown-ups).

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