Listen together. Or listen separately.

With separate accounts you can all enjoy your own music and podcasts without having to take turns.

It’s a family affair

Car rides. Dinner time. Weekend fun. Meet your Family Mix. It’s personalized with songs you all love, and updated regularly.

Parental controls

Set explicit content filters for your family members on Premium, so you’re always in charge of what they can – and what they can’t – hear.

Parental controls
  • Why get Premium Family?

    • Play offline. Listen anywhere.
    • No ad interruptions. Enjoy nonstop music.
    • Pick any track Play what you love.
    • Unlimited skips Just hit next.
  • Already got Spotify Premium?

    If anyone in your family already has a Spotify account, they can switch to Family and still keep all their

    • Music
    • Playlists
    • Recommendations

It’s easy to get Premium Family

Sign up or log in with your existing account.

Invite family members you live with to Premium.

Family members accept the invitation at home, confirm their address, and that’s it – you’re part of the family. *

* Family plan members must live at the same address to join Premium Family.


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