Why Spotify?

  • Play your favorites.

    Listen to the songs you love, and discover new music and podcasts.

  • Playlists made easy.

    We'll help you make playlists. Or enjoy playlists made by music experts.

  • Make it yours.

    Tell us what you like, and we'll recommend music for you.

  • Save mobile data.

    To use less data when you play music, turn on Data Saver in Settings.

It's free.

No credit card required.

Got questions?

  • How do I create a playlist?

    Playlists are a great way to save collections of music, either for your own listening or to share.

    To create one:

    1. Tap Your Library.
    2. Tap CREATE.
    3. Give your playlist a name.
    4. Start adding songs (and we'll help you along).

  • How do I activate Data Saver mode?

    1. Tap Home.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Data Saver.
    4. Switch on Data Saver.

  • Is it only possible to shuffle play music?

    Any playlist with the shuffle icon will play on shuffle.

    Some playlists won't have the shuffle icon, so you can tap any song to play it.

  • Where can I find Podcasts?

    Tap Search. Under Browse All, tap Podcasts.