Hello, and welcome to the terms and conditions for Spotify Paid Subscriptions ("Paid Subscription Terms" or "Terms"). These Paid Subscription Terms are important because they:

  • describe the types of Paid Subscriptions that are available; and
  • explain how Paid Subscriptions work and the conditions attaching to your eligibility for and use of them.



  1. Introduction

  2. Paid Subscriptions

  3. Payment and cancellation

  4. Free and discounted trials

  5. Allocated content listening time and top-up purchases

  6. Add-on features

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1. Introduction

Paid Subscriptions, as defined in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms of Use"), are made available by Spotify subject to the Terms of Use, which are hereby incorporated by reference, including its Arbitration Agreement.

By purchasing a Paid Subscription, you acknowledge and agree to these Paid Subscription Terms, including the Terms of Use and User Guidelines. Capitalised terms used but not defined herein shall have the same meaning given to them in the Terms of Use. If you purchase a Paid Subscription directly through Spotify, we will use your payment details and any other information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you purchase a Paid Subscription or begin a Trial (as defined below) through a third party, you will transact directly with that third party, and your purchase and/or Trial will also be subject to that third party's terms and conditions. If you purchase a Paid subscription using a gift card, please see the Gift Card Terms and Conditions.

These Paid Subscription Terms, the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy along with any other terms referenced in this document should be read carefully. To the extent these Terms conflict with the Terms of Use or Privacy Policy, these Terms shall take precedence to the extent of such conflict.

2. Paid Subscriptions

You can find descriptions of each Paid Subscription and their features on our website, and we will explain which options are available to you when you create a Spotify account. Subject to these Paid Subscription Terms, users who purchase a Paid Subscription may access that Paid Subscription for their own personal use (and for their household members, where applicable) from the moment they submit their payment details successfully to Spotify, or applicable third party, and complete the checkout process.

Paid Subscriptions include, amongst others, subscriptions under the Spotify Premium brand ("Premium"), such as Spotify Premium Individual ("Premium Individual"), Spotify Premium Student ("Premium Student"), Spotify Premium Family ("Premium Family"), Spotify Premium Duo ("Premium Duo") and any other Premium offerings made available from time-to-time (each a "Premium Plan").

From time to time, we may also offer special promotional plans, content or memberships, including offerings of third party products or services in conjunction with or through the Spotify Service. We are not responsible for the products or services provided by such third parties.

We reserve the right to modify the features and content we provide as part of our Paid Subscriptions from time to time and for any reason.

We may withdraw or suspend a Paid Subscription, in whole or in part, at any time and for any reason. After such time, Spotify shall not be obligated to maintain or permit any further access to such Paid Subscription(s).

2.1. Single-user Paid Subscriptions

"Single-user Paid Subscriptions", such as Premium Individual, entitle the paying account holder and up to five (5) family members access to subsidiary accounts to the Spotify Premium Family service to access such Paid Subscription for their own personal use.

2.2. Household Paid Subscriptions

"Household Paid Subscriptions", such as Premium Duo and Premium Family, entitle the paying account holder of the Paid Subscription (the "Primary Account Holder" or sometimes referred to as "Plan Manager"), together with a specified number of subsidiary account holders (each a "Sub-Account Holder" or sometimes referred to as a "Plan Member") to access such Paid Subscription, for their own and each Sub-Account Holder's personal use. We may, at our discretion, provide features to the Primary Account Holder that are not available to Sub-Account Holder(s).

As part of a family subscription, Spotify may offer Kids app accounts. By creating subsidiary Kids account(s), the Primary Account Holder confirms that they are the legal guardian of any child using such an account. Please read the Spotify Kids Privacy Policy which applies to these accounts. These account options are only offered as part of a family subscription and will count as one of the permitted Sub-Account Holders.

If the Primary Account Holder cancels the Household Paid Subscription or the account is otherwise suspended or terminated, the Primary Account Holder and Sub-Account Holder(s) will automatically be downgraded to the Spotify Free plan at the end of the then-current billing period (or as permitted in accordance with clause 2.2.1(C) and any Kids will be suspended or deleted.

2.2.1 Additional conditions for Household Paid Subscriptions

A. In order to be eligible for a Household Paid Subscription, the Primary Account Holder and any Sub-Account Holder must be family members residing at the same address. Members of a Household Paid Subscription may leave their existing plan and join another Household Paid Subscription a maximum of once in every twelve month period.

B. Upon activation of any Household Paid Subscription account (excluding any Kids), you will be asked to verify your home address.

C. Spotify reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to a Household Paid Subscription immediately and at any time if you fail to meet the eligibility criteria here and as otherwise set out in the Terms of Use.

D. Spotify gift cards and closed loop prepaid cards (i.e. not credit or bank cards) cannot be used as a valid payment method for Household Paid Subscription

E. No other discounts can be applied, unless otherwise advertised.

F. We may from time to time ask for re-verification of your home address in order to confirm that you are still meeting the eligibility criteria.

G. We use Google Maps address search to help you find and set your address. The address you enter upon activation or re-verification will be subject to the Google Maps Additional Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy.

H. Note; If you are a holder of a Single-user Paid Subscription account, by joining a Household Paid Subscription as a Sub-Account Holder, you acknowledge and agree that no refunds are available for changing from your then-current Paid Subscription before the end of your then-current Paid Subscription period. Upon joining, you will switch immediately to the selected Household Paid Subscription, and your access will remain uninterrupted, but any unused time you've already paid for, including any remaining free or discounted Trial days, under your then-current Paid Subscription will be forfeited.

2.3 Student-user Paid Subscriptions

"Student-user Paid Subscriptions", such as Premium Student, entitle the paying account holder to access such Paid Subscription for their own personal use.

2.3.1 Additional conditions for Student-user Paid Subscriptions

A, Use of Student-user Paid Subscriptions is only open to students at accredited university-level educational institutions who meet the additional qualifications described below ("Qualifying Student(s)").

B. To activate a Student-user Paid Subscription, you will be required to submit certain information sufficient for us to verify that you are a Qualifying Student. This includes your name, valid educational institution, email address, date of birth and/or other documents ("Qualifying Information"), as well as your payment details.

C. We will use the services of third parties to assist with verifying your Qualifying Information (the "Student Status Verifier"). At present, the Student Status Verifier is SheerID, Inc. ("SheerID"). The Student Status Verifier will process your Qualifying Information, in accordance with their privacy policy (SheerID's privacy policy can be found here), and confirm your student status to us. Spotify may also receive your Qualifying Information and share such information with the Student Status Verifier. We reserve the right to determine if you are a Qualifying Student based on the information provided by our Student Status Verifier. Spotify will collect, store and process your name, educational institution name, email address and date of birth in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

D. If you are a Free or new Spotify user, the Discounted Period (as defined below) will start after you have activated your access to the Student-user Paid Subscription. If you are already subscribed to another Paid Subscription, the first Discounted Month (also as defined below) will start after the expiry of the period of the Paid Subscription that you have already paid for when you complete your verification as a Qualifying Student and the activation process. You may only be subscribed to a Student-user Paid Subscription under one Spotify account.

E. Spotify gift cards and closed loop prepaid cards cannot be used as a valid payment method for the Student-user Paid Subscription, and no other discounts can be applied, unless otherwise advertised.

2.3.2 Duration, Cancellation and Payment of Student-user Paid Subscriptions

A. If the Student-user Paid Subscription is made available at a discount (compared with the then-current monthly price of a Single-user Paid Subscription), Qualifying Students may receive the benefit of that discount each month (each a "Discounted Month"), for up to a period of twelve (12) consecutive months ("Discount Period") after the subscription is first activated.

B. If you cancel your Student-user Paid Subscription at any time during a Discount Period, you may re-activate your subscription during the same Discount Period by purchasing access to the Student-user Paid Subscription again. However, upon reactivation you will only receive the remaining Discounted Months in that Discount Period in line with what you would have received, had you not cancelled your subscription. Your then-current Discount Period will always end twelve (12) consecutive months after you first subscribed and verified your Qualifying Student status for that Discount Period. Discount Periods may not be extended for any reason. For example, if your subscription starts at the beginning of January, you will have activated a Discount Period for twelve (12) consecutive months until the end of December. If you cancel your subscription in March of that year and reactivate it in August, the Discount Period will remain the same and will still expire at the end of December that same year.

C. After the first Discount Period, Qualifying Students are entitled to activate up to a maximum of three (3) additional Discount Periods for their own use, provided they remain eligible and actively re-submit their Qualifying Information for re-verification.

D. Qualifying Students who have reached the maximum duration limit for their Student-user Paid Subscription, as described above, or who do not reactivate their student status, will migrate automatically to the applicable Single-user Paid Subscription, as advertised, and will start being charged the then-current full price on a monthly recurring basis, after the current student Discount Period has come to an end.

E. Qualifying Students who do not want to migrate to a Single-user Paid Subscription at the end of the student Discount Period, must cancel their subscription first and can do so at any time before the Discount Period ends by following the steps outlined in the cancellation section of these Paid Subscription Terms.

3. Payment; Cancellation

Unless otherwise indicated (for example, if you have signed up for a Prepaid Period (as defined in the Terms of Use)), Paid Subscriptions continue indefinitely until cancelled. You will be billed on a recurring basis on the first day of each billing period and you will pay and you authorise us (or the applicable third party, if you sign up through a third party) to charge your payment method the then-current subscription fee.

You may cancel your Paid Subscription at any time by logging into your Spotify account and following the prompts on the Account page or by clicking here and following the instructions. Unless otherwise indicated, cancellation will take effect from the end of the billing period in which you cancel.

4. Free and discounted trials

From time to time, we or others on our behalf, may offer trials of Paid Subscriptions for a specified period without payment or at a reduced rate (each a "Trial"). Each Trial is made available in connection with a particular Paid Subscription and, in each case, this section on Trials supplements and incorporates by reference the additional terms and conditions for that corresponding Paid Subscription. In case of any conflict with the additional terms and conditions for a Paid Subscription, then this section 4 shall take precedence. Each Trial is made available subject to how it is advertised, and subject to the rules on eligibility, availability, and duration and cancellation set out below. Unless otherwise advertised, Trials do not permit or provide access to any third party products or services.

For some Trials, we'll require you to provide your payment details to start the Trial (which will be stored and processed in accordance with our Privacy Policy). By providing such details you agree that we may automatically begin charging you for the Paid Subscription on the first day following the end of the Trial on a monthly recurring basis or other interval that we will disclose to you in advance, unless you cancel beforehand (see section 3 above with more details on how to cancel). Each Trial provides access to the Paid Subscription advertised:

A. at the price advertised (if any); and

B. for an initial introductory period as further described in section 4.3 below, beginning from the moment that you confirm your purchase of the Trial, by completing the checkout process (the "Trial Period").

4.1. Trial eligibility.

In order to be eligible for a Trial, users must satisfy all of the following conditions (each an "Eligible User"):

A. Unless you are subscribing to a Trial that is advertised as available to past subscribers, you must be a new subscriber to any and all Paid Subscriptions and not have subscribed to, or accepted a trial of, a Paid Subscription at any time in the past.

B. If you are subscribing to a Trial that is advertised as available to past subscribers, you must have been a subscriber to the relevant Paid Subscription (as advertised) and your subscription must have expired before the date or time frame advertised.

C. In respect of Trials for a Household Paid Subscription and a Student-user Paid Subscription: the additional eligibility requirements set out in sections 2.2 and 2.3 respectively above shall apply.

D. Unless otherwise advertised, you must provide Spotify with a valid and current payment method that is approved by Spotify (prepaid cards and .Spotify gift cards are not valid forms of payment).

E. Unless otherwise advertised, you must provide the payment method above directly to Spotify and not through a third party (e.g., not through a cable or telecommunications provider or other distributor).

F. Additional eligibility requirements (if any) as advertised from time-to-time in connection with a Trial.

4.2 Trial availability.

Spotify will determine your eligibility for a Trial acting reasonably, based on information available to Spotify. A Trial must be accepted before the applicable offer expiration date advertised, if any. To the extent permitted by applicable law, Spotify reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate a Trial at any time and for any reason by notice to you and with no liability, in which case we will not honour subsequent enrollments for that Trial.

4.3 Trial duration and cancellation

In the case of any Trial, the corresponding Trial Period shall continue for the period as advertised, subject to section 4.2, above.

Unless cancelled before the end of the Trial Period, or such Trial is in conjunction with a Prepaid Period, you will automatically become a subscriber to the particular Paid Subscription that you chose to sign up to under the Trial and the payment method you provided will automatically be charged the then-current recurring price on the first day following the end of the Trial on a monthly recurring basis or other interval that we disclose to you in advance (any time-capped features of that Paid Subscription will be reduced by the length of the Trial Period). IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO PAY THIS CHARGE, YOU MUST CANCEL BEFORE THE END OF THE TRIAL BY A) FOLLOWING THE STEPS DESCRIBED HERE IF YOU SIGNED UP FOR THE TRIAL THROUGH SPOTIFY, OR B) IF YOU RECEIVED YOUR TRIAL THROUGH A THIRD PARTY, YOU MUST CANCEL THE APPLICABLE PAID SUBSCRIPTION THROUGH THE THIRD PARTY.

Unless otherwise stated, for example elsewhere in these Terms or in connection with an offer or trial including during the process of cancelling an offer or Trial, if you cancel a Trial during the Trial Period, you will lose access to the Paid Subscription and your Spotify account will switch automatically to a Spotify Free account at the end of the Trial Period.

5. Allocated content listening time and top-up purchases (applicable to certain Paid Subscriptions only)

Some Paid Subscriptions may come with a certain amount of allocated listening time for a certain type of content, for example (but in each case as advertised) audiobooks ("Allocated Content Listening Time"). We will publish from time-to-time which, if any, Paid Subscriptions include Allocated Content Listening Time and how much listening time, and if we make any changes to this allocation. Spotify may change the Allocated Content Listening Time, at its discretion, and will notify you in advance of such changes, by any reasonable means. Note: unused Allocated Content Listening Time will be subject to expiry, as advertised.

You may be eligible to purchase additional "Top-Up" hours which you can use if your Allocated Content Listening Time runs out prior to expiry. You can always check your Account page to see what's included in your Paid Subscription, and how much Allocated Content Listening Time you have left.

The content available for consumption within a Paid Subscription may vary from time-to-time. As a result, such content may not be the same as the catalogue of similar content available elsewhere on Spotify. For example, in the case of audiobooks, any audiobooks made available for consumption as part of a Paid Subscription may not be the same audiobooks as are made available for direct purchase on Spotify. Please see the FAQ for more details on audiobooks on Spotify.

6. Add-on features

From time to time, Spotify may make certain add-on services available to Paid Subscription users. The add-on services will have their own terms of use which will apply. We will take reasonable steps to bring these terms to your attention. Certain add-on features may have additional eligibility and payment conditions which, if applicable, will be outlined in the relevant add-on features terms of use.