Third Party Data Provision

_Publicly available information _

The following personal data will always be publicly available on the Spotify Service: your name and/or username, profile picture, who you follow and who follows you on the Spotify Service, your recently played artists, and your public playlists. We provide systems (such as "Support Community", etc.) to allow users to communicate with each other by sharing personal data in the above according to the user's choice.

_Spotify Connect _

After you have created a Spotify account you may choose to connect it to a compatible device over wi-fi. You may choose to connect Spotify via wi-fi to an integrated device such as a speaker, tv, a car, or even a fridge. This is called Spotify "Connect". You may choose to "Connect" to other devices, and may share your data by doing so.

Personal data you may choose to share

The following personal data will only be shared with the recipients outlined if:

  • you choose to make use of a specific Spotify Service feature where sharing of particular personal data identified in section 4) is required for the proper use of the Spotify Service feature; or
  • you grant us your permission to share the personal data, e.g. by selecting the appropriate setting in the Spotify Service or authorizing Spotify through a presented consent mechanism.

You may choose to agree or disagree to this optional term. You may still use the service even if you do not agree to this optional term.

The name of the third party

The purposes of use of the data by the third party

The period of use and retention of the data by the third party

The items of personal data to be provided to the third party

Third Party applications and devices you choose to connect to your Spotify Account

You can review a list of the Third Party apps you have granted access to your Spotify account (if any) here:
You may choose to connect your account to third parties services which may request or require that we share information about you with them.

We will only share your data where you choose to connect your Spotify account to a third party application or device.
Your consent will always be requested before we provide your information to such third parties.
Third Parties use and retain the data until the purposes of the use have been achieved (or until cancellation/termination of subscription by the user).
You will be informed about which data the third party will receive at the point where you choose to connect your account. It may differ slightly depending on the third party application, but may include: information about what you are currently playing and your connected devices, email address, username, information about your playlists or library, information about your subscription details, artists you follow, your followers, recently played and top tracks.
For more information about how these third party applications and devices will handle your data, such as whether they will transfer it overseas or for how long they will retain it, please see the privacy policy of the application or device you are choosing to connect with.
The following record label partners:

Warner Music Inc.
Warner Music Inc. and WEA International Inc. 1633 Broadway, New York, New York 10019

Warner Music International Services Ltd.
27 Wrights Lane
London, England W8 5SW

UMG Recordings Services Inc.
2220 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, California, 90404-4506, USA

Universal International Music, B.V. Gravelandseweg 80 NL – 1217 EW Hilversum, The Netherlands

Sony Music Entertainment
25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10010
To directly send you news or promotional offers by email.
Only if you choose to share your account registration data with the record labels, we will share your data when you sign up for Spotify via transmission over the network at the time of service.

You will always have the option to change your mind and withdraw your consent at any time in your account settings.
Third Parties use and retain the data until the purposes of the use have been achieved (or until cancellation/termination of subscription by the user).
Account registration data