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Director of Engineering - SDKs

Over the last several years, Spotify has changed the way music is enjoyed across the world, with delightful experiences across mobile, desktop and web, as well as speakers, consoles, cars and other devices. We are now readying our company for the next step on this journey, and are looking for a strong senior technical leader to join us. If you are passionate about technical leadership and great user experience and feel up for a challenge – please keep reading.

We are looking for a tribe lead for the newly formed SDKs Tribe – a tribe which enables Spotify experiences to be developed, in the company and by third parties. As the tribe lead for SDKs, you will be part of a leadership team with a senior product leader. Your challenge as the tribe lead will be to support and grow the squads, chapters and individuals in your tribe, and to deliver an innovative and high-quality product.

SDK mission

We ship our web APIs and client-side libraries, making it possible to quickly and successfully architect seamless Spotify experiences across our Android, iOS and desktop experiences and our ubiquity bets.

We will help the organisation to maintain strong local ownership for features within their home alliances, while at the same time making it painless for others to leverage the collected set of features across all major devices and platforms.

What value do we add?

  • We help surface features across the company in a coherent fashion in a central location, enabling developers to quickly learn and innovate across platforms.
  • We own the minimal infrastructure needed to expose features in our client-side libraries, the inter-app protocol, as well as in our web APIs, so that other teams can focus on innovation for their core constituents rather than the tooling empowering it.
  • We provide the platform that makes it possible for each device to read and write the what’s currently being played across devices and users, making it seamless for users to transfer these contexts across devices and platforms.
  • We offer a strong opinion on where implementations live and what technologies we rely upon, to be able to move faster on a broader set of platforms.
  • Quality for the aforementioned pieces (alerting, monitoring, testing…).


  • The current incarnation of these consists of core, the eSDK, various JS APIs and the mobile SDKs, plus our public web APIs. We also own the inter-app protocol, allowing feature teams to expose their features on the local device.
  • The Player and Now Playing View set of APIs and corresponding UIs, since they represent the state that we’re responsible for syncing across devices (hence people can’t change it completely freely without our involvement).

We provide a platform that enables others to iterate on...

  • Client-side discovery mechanisms (zeroconf, DIAL…)
  • Activation flows (upsell to transfer context to X/Y/Z)
  • HotSpot UX

Measuring Success

  • Internal NPS
  • Partner satisfaction / feedback
  • Speed of developing new features


  • A strong track record in technical leadership
  • Interest and passion for the mission
  • Technical and personal skills strong enough to mentor cross-functional chapter leads and squads
  • Ability and willingness to build new technology teams
  • Ability to collaborate across tribes and functions to achieve goals