Spotify Connect

A better way to listen at home.

Play Spotify through your speakers, laptop or TV, using the Spotify app as a remote.
Enjoy the music together.

Instant switching.

From your headphones to any room in the house.

Play together.

Control the music from any phone or tablet, using the Spotify app.

Bring the party.

Get readymade playlists in Browse for every mood and moment.

Nonstop tunes.

Make calls, watch videos, go out of wifi range. The music keeps flowing.

Connect to better sound.

Higher sample rates make the most of your music.

Three ways to Connect

Upgrade your current stereo.

Gramofon gets Spotify and your speakers playing nicely together.

Get some new gear.

These devices come with Spotify Connect built right in.

Try it on your laptop.

Use any phone or tablet as a remote.

Need help getting started?

Connect is a Premium feature.

Try it for free

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