Branded Playlist

Custom playlists with brand logo, custom text, and optional link to your campaign.


  • Branded Playlists are Spotify playlists that contain a branded cover art image and text.
  • The playlist text can contain links to any webpage or Spotify content.
  • All Branded Playlists must have a minimum of 20 tracks.
  • There can only be one track per artist within the playlist.


Image File

Dimensions: 640x640
File Types: JPG
3rd Party Tags: None
Animation: None
File Size: 100k

Playlist Title & Text

Title: 40 characters max
Clickable Text: 200 characters max
URL to external site if to be made clickable

Best Practices

  • The more tracks you have on your playlist, the better — put at least 20 tracks on your playlists
  • Don’t have any single artist appear on your playlist more than once
  • If you have a reason to believe a specific artist may have a problem with your brand, it’s probably smart to stay away from that artist
  • Keep your playlists editorial in nature; don’t try to make it a commercial for your product. Just like other Spotify users do, show the world what
  • kind of music your brand likes to listen to while partying, driving, or enjoying a cup of coffee
  • Take advantage of relationships you already have — if you’ve just hired an artist to be your new spokesperson, a playlist might be a great opportunity to show the world how much your brand loves the artist