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Senior Product Designer (User Experience)

Why playing in this band rocks:

  • Impact. We are changing how the world experiences music. Everyday your design decisions will be seen and impact how millions of people choose, listen and share music in all the moments of their lives.
  • Trust. We believe the best type of work occurs when small multi-discipline teams put their heads and skills together to solve problems and come up with solutions that delight users. We trust these teams to pull it off and have positive impact on our central vision.
  • Users lead the way. We let the people who use our product inform where we are going and try as often as we can to let our observations lead decision making. Feels good to know you are solving for real people not just the loudest voice in the room.
  • Learn from others. We work really hard to make sure that everyone around the table is inspiring, smart and works well together. It makes hiring harder but everyday inspiration easier.   

What we are looking for in band mates:

  • Truly inspiring communication skills. Setting the frameworks and initial design concepts by doing and mentoring others to deliver work to make the strategic thinking real.
  • Incredible design chops. You’ve shipped many consumer products over your many years in the industry and understand what it takes to create consumer oriented UIs.
  • Head in the clouds feet on the ground. You are someone who get’s nervous if they are not sketching concepts, tweaking flows and polishing the designs that represent the big thinking work.
  • People focused design. Even though you have incredible design chops you are constantly looking to hone your design instinct through user feedback. Whether that is by actively being involved in the user research or by designing options for an A/B test you are willing to design as if you are right but listen as if you are wrong.  
  • Lagom. “Lagom” is a Swedish word that means “balanced”. Whether it is in the methods that you use to explore and express your work or in the way you interact with others - we are looking for individuals that represent a diverse but balanced approach. This often translates to people with great creative skills and an analytic approach to discovering what works. No egos required because the work speaks for itself.   


  • 7+ yrs experience in design roles at a consumer focused tech or media company
  • Thoughtful portfolio that showcases your design skills and illustrates your communication abilities by clearly describing your impact and what you learned for each project.
  • Led the design effort across the entire product lifecycle and multiple product launches
  • Mentoring and teamwork: You set the vision for the user experience and create the space for others others to collaborate.
  • Ability to rapidly lead and produce multiple UX/UI concepts and prototypes; balancing pixel-perfect attention to detail against opting for low-fi design to optimize workflow and process
  • Outstanding communication, presentation and organizational skills
  • Mobile experience a plus

To sum it up if you are at the point of your career  where you are a nice blend of thinker/doer and have earned the confidence in your skills so that collaborating with others to build something is second nature you should seriously consider joining the band.