Labels and Artists

Spotify users have access to one of the fastest growing catalogues of licensed music in the world. Music fans get to enjoy their favourite artists, showcased in a high-quality application that’s a delight to use. The net result is an unparalleled user experience and a compelling legal alternative to piracy. By having your music on Spotify you earn a royalty when your music is played. Also, since all the music played is tracked – all participating labels and artists access powerful and in-depth reporting from Spotify.

We are constantly adding albums and tracks to Spotify and want to offer our users all of the music in the world. If you are interested in offering your music on Spotify, follow the instructions below to submit your music.

How to get your music to Spotify

Do you represent a label or aggregator that would like to have your content on Spotify?

The quickest way for a new label to get its music onto Spotify is to contact a record label or aggregator that already has an agreement and delivery process in place with Spotify. We have a complete list of aggregators we work with. At the moment we are unfortunately not in the position to enter into direct deals. If you are a label that manages your own digital business and have the capacity to deliver to us via a digital feed, the fastest and smoothest way is to, like thousands of labels and aggregators, to join the Merlin Network. This is like having a direct deal as you will deliver your content directly to us and also have direct contact when it comes to promotion etc. Please visit for more information on how to join! If you are a self-published artist or small label that does not have an existing delivery partner or platform, then we would direct you to

Please note that we are integrated with delivery platforms such as FUGA and Consolidated Independent. Deliveries via these platforms will speed up the time it takes to get content on Spotify.

Is the name of an album, track or other metadata relating to your album incorrect?

Spotify does not change the metadata ourselves. If you find that the metadata is incorrect, please redeliver with correct metadata. We will update our database with the correct information as soon as we receive the updates.

If you believe that any content on Spotify infringes your rights, please complete this form to submit an infringement claim.