Play any song, no interruptions

Hear the music you love without ads on mobile.

Listen without network

Get Premium Mini your way

One-time payments; no credit card needed.

1 day: ₹7
1 week: ₹25

What is Premium Mini?

mobile only
From ₹7/day
One-time plans from ₹129
Millions of songs and podcasts
No audio ads between songs
Song downloads
On 1 mobile device
10,000/device, on up to 5 devices
Max audio quality
High (160 kbps)
High (160 kbps)
Very high (320 kbps)
Plan length
1 day or 1 week
One-time plans available


We’ve got answers.

  • What happens to my songs when my plan ends?

    If you don’t top up Mini before your plan ends, you’ll switch to our free plan. You’ll keep your library and playlists, but your downloaded songs are removed. If you come back to Mini after being on on our free plan, you can redownload your last Downloaded Songs playlist.

  • How much data/storage is used when I stream/download music?

    By default, streaming for one hour uses about 40 MB of data. Downloading one 3 minute song will use about 2 MB of space on your device. To save data, stream over WiFi, and make sure your streaming settings are: Low for streaming, Normal for downloading.

  • How do I top up?

    You can add more Premium to your account anytime. If you’re still on Premium when you top up, then the new days will start when your existing days end. You can load your account with up to 3 months of Premium if you buy Mini.
    Note that any time you return to our free plan, your downloads will be removed, and you’ll need to redownload them when you go back on Premium.

  • What devices does Mini work on?

    You can access your Spotify account from many devices, but Mini works only on a mobile phone or small tablet (<7 inches). You will still be able to access the free experience on any other non-mobile device while on an active Premium Mini plan.