The Spotify® Premium for Family Supplemental Offer

Terms and Conditions

Effective as of 23 April 2019


1. Introduction.

This Spotify Premium for Family Supplemental Offer (the "Supplemental Offer") is made available by Spotify (as defined in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use ("Spotify Terms of Use").

These terms and conditions (the "Supplemental Offer Terms") supplement and incorporate by reference the Spotify Premium for Family Terms and Conditions (the "Premium for Family Offer Terms"). If there is any inconsistency between these Supplemental Offer Terms and the Premium for Family Offer Terms, these Supplemental Offer Terms will prevail. Relevant references to the "Premium for Family Offer" in the Premium for Family Offer Terms shall be read to apply also to this Supplemental Offer where permitted by these Supplemental Offer Terms.

2. The offer.

Eligible Users (as defined below) are entitled, subject to these Supplemental Offer Terms, to receive a Promotional Code with this Supplemental Offer - where "Promotional Code" means a unique code that may be redeemed on the Google Store against a Google Home Mini device (each a "GHM Device") for fulfilment and supply by Google, pursuant to the terms and conditions made available on the Google Store. Google, and not Spotify, is responsible for the acceptance and fulfilment of orders for each GHM Device made via the Google Store, and separate terms and conditions made available by Google apply to each order placed. Information on features and operating requirements of a GHM Device is provided directly by Google on the Google Store. Only one Supplemental Offer may be applied to each Primary Account Holder (as defined below). Spotify reserves the right to modify or terminate this Supplemental Offer at any time and for any reason.

3. Duration.

This Supplemental Offer is supply limited. The Supplemental Offer shall end automatically and no longer be available for redemption on the earliest of:

(a) the advertised expiry date;

(b) supplies of Promotional Codes running out; or

(c) this Supplemental Offer being earlier terminated by Spotify.

Spotify shall not be obligated to redeem any further attempts to take up this offer after it has ended.

4. Eligibility.

In order to receive this Supplemental Offer, users must satisfy the conditions listed at 4(A)-(C) below (each an "Eligible User"). Eligibility is determined by Spotify at its sole discretion and we may limit eligibility or duration to prevent abuse of this Supplemental Offer:

(A) be, or register to become, the primary account holder of a valid Spotify Premium for Family subscription in Australia (each a "Primary Account Holder"). Subject to whether you are an existing or new Primary Account Holder, the following terms apply:

(i) Existing Primary Account Holders: your ability to access Spotify Premium - a form of Paid Subscription, as defined in the Spotify Terms of Use - shall continue unaffected. By registering your interest to receive a Promotional Code (as defined below) and by redeeming such code on the Google Store, you (i) accept this Supplemental Offer and (ii) acknowledge and agree to these Supplemental Offer Terms; or

(ii) New Primary Account Holders: this Supplemental Offer allows you to access the Premium for Family Offer for the advertised monthly price after you subscribe to the Premium for Family Offer by completing your payment. By submitting your payment details, (i) you accept this Supplemental Offer, and (ii) acknowledge and agree to the Spotify Terms of Use, these Supplemental Offer Terms and the Premium for Family Offer Terms. Any personal information that we may collect and process under this Supplemental Offer will be done in accordance with the Spotify Privacy Policy.

If you were an existing subscriber to a free trial for any Paid Subscription immediately prior to becoming a New Primary Account Holder, any remaining free trial period that you may have had will be forfeit when you complete your sign up as a Primary Account Holder and you will be charged immediately at that point.

New Primary Account Holders will be able to access their Spotify Premium for Family subscriptions immediately upon successful purchase, at which point Spotify will have completed immediate performance of this contract in each case.

(B) have a valid and current payment method; and

(C) pay for your Spotify subscription directly to Spotify and not through a third party (e.g., not through a cable or telecommunications provider).

5. Redemption.

Spotify shall distribute Promotional Codes as follows, subject to availability:

(A) Existing Primary Account Holders: you must first register your interest with us about receiving a Promotional Code. Once we have noted your interest and received the Promotional Code from Google, we will send an email with that Promotional Code to the email address that you provided to us; or

(B) New Primary Account Holders: after you have successfully completed your purchase of this Supplemental Offer, you will be notified of our intention to distribute a Promotional Code to you. Once we have received the Promotional Code from Google, we will send an email with that Promotional Code to the email address that you provided to us.

After you have received a Promotional Code, you will need to redeem it in the Google Store. You must be aged 18 or older to receive a Promotional Code. Promotional codes cannot be used with Guest Checkout, so you must have a Google account and be signed-in to that Google account to redeem the Promotional Code and you will need to have or add a form of payment approved by Google at checkout. Promotional Codes may not be exchanged for cash or used in connection with any product available on the Google Store other than a GHM Device. Promotional Codes must be redeemed on or before 31 May 2019 or they will expire.

6. Fulfilment and shipping of GHM Devices.

Fulfilment and shipping of all GHM Devices is undertaken by Google, not Spotify.

Fulfilment: To redeem your Promotional Code on the Google Store, you will need to visit and sign into, or create, a Google account. You must add the GHM Device to your cart and enter a form of payment approved by Google: the Promotional Code will be applied automatically by Google during checkout. Use of the Google Store will be subject to the Google Store Promotion Terms, together with any other terms and conditions made available by Google on the Google Store. Once ordered, a GHM Device may not be returned for cash or used as part of an exchange for any other product or service.

Shipping: GHM Devices cannot be sent to P.O. Boxes and can only be shipped within Australia. The Google Store will not charge for standard shipping. Additional charges will apply if you select expedited shipping in the Google Store checkout.

7. Privacy

In order to complete the fulfilment and shipping of GHM Devices, Google will share certain personally identifiable information with Spotify. This information will include redemption code ID, country, order status, date of redemption, date of shipping, product SKU, order number and batch ID. This information will be processed by Spotify subject to the Spotify Privacy Policy.

Contracting entity: Spotify AB

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